Top 10 Low-Carb Beers For People With Diabetes

For many, savoring a cold beer is a cherished pastime. But for those managing diabetes, finding the right brew can be a bit more complicated.

The good news is whether you’re a casual drinker or a craft beer connoisseur, there’s a diabetes-friendly option to enjoy without compromising your health.

Let this article guide you through beer styles for people with diabetes and a few good suggestions so you can choose one that fits your needs and taste.

Can People with Diabetes Drink Beer?

Yes, individuals with diabetes can enjoy beer, but moderation and mindful selection are key. While beer does contain carbohydrates and can affect blood sugar levels, choosing beers with lower carbohydrate and calorie content can help individuals with diabetes enjoy their favorite beverage without compromising their health goals.

Beer Styles for Diabetes:

When it comes to beer styles for people with diabetes, lighter options tend to be the best choice. Light lagers and traditional pilsners generally carry the lowest carbohydrate contents (~6g), with some being created specifically as low-carb options. Wheat beers and sour beers are also good choices with low alcohol contents and light bodied characteristics.

For those who prefer something stronger, IPAs are often the best candidates, striking a balance between bold flavors and medium carb (~12). Other beers with big or sweet flavors and a medium to full body like porters and stouts often contain more carbs per bottle (~15-20g).

Apart from that, there are also non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers that offer beer flavor with minimal alcohol content, low carbohydrate level and fewer calories.

Top 10 Best Beers for Diabetes

Here’s our list of 10 top beers for people with diabetes, based on their carbohydrate, alcohol and calorie content. The list also includes different styles to offer more variety and flexibility.

1. Budweiser Select 55

A traditional light lager known for its low calorie and carbohydrate content, this beer is a top choice for those watching their sugar intake. Its light and crisp flavor profile makes it perfect for outdoor activities like picnics or beach days.

  • Carbohydrates (per 12oz): 1.9 g;
  • Alcohol Content: 2.4% ABV;
  • Calorie Content (per 12oz): 55 calories.

Similar classic light lager: Miller Lite (3.2 g, 4.2% ABV, 96 calories); Coors Light (5 g, 4.2% ABV, 102 calories).

2. Natural Light

A favorite among budget-conscious beer enthusiasts, Natural Light offers a crisp and refreshing taste perfect for casual gatherings and laid-back occasions. This light lager has a clean and easy-drinking profile, making it ideal for outdoor activities or unwinding after a long day.

  • Carbohydrates (per 12oz): 3.2 g;
  • Alcohol Content: 4.2% ABV;
  • Calorie Content (per 12oz): 95 calories.

Similar budget-friendly light lager: Busch Light (3.2 g, 4.1% ABV, 95 calories).

3. Corona Premier

A slightly more premium light lager brewed for health-conscious drinkers, Corona Premier offers a crisp and refreshing taste. Its smooth flavor profile makes it a fantastic choice for casual drinkers on a sunny afternoon, pairing with grilled seafood or chicken, or kicking back at a backyard barbecue.

  • Carbohydrates (per 12oz): 2.6 g;
  • Alcohol Content: 4% ABV;
  • Calorie Content (per 12oz): 90 calories.

Similar low-carb light lager: Michelob Ultra (2.6 g, 4.2% ABV, 95 calories).

4. Beck’s Premier Light

This German-style light lager has a balanced flavor profile and a smooth body that matches well with any occasion, whether it’s a casual gathering with friends or a laid-back evening at home. It offers a different experience from the American lagers suggested above and is a great choice for those enjoying European-style beers.

  • Carbohydrates (per 12oz): 3.2 g;
  • Alcohol Content: 3.8% ABV;
  • Calorie Content (per 12oz): 64 calories.

5. Stella Artois Lager

Known for its timeless European craftsmanship and distinctive flavor profile. With a balanced blend of malt sweetness and hop bitterness, this premium lager offers a sophisticated drinking experience for special occasions.

  • Carbohydrates (per 12oz): 11 g;
  • Alcohol Content: 5.0% ABV;
  • Calorie Content (per 12oz): 145 calories.

6. Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty IPA

This beer is celebrated for its bold hoppy flavors and low calorie content. With a hint of citrus and a satisfying bitterness, this session IPA is an excellent choice for craft beer enthusiasts looking for guilt-free indulgence.

  • Carbohydrates (per 12oz): 3.6 g;
  • Alcohol Content: 4% ABV;
  • Calorie Content (per 12oz): 95 calories.

Other IPA options: Lagunitas DayTime IPA (3 g, 4% ABV, 98 calories); Founders All Day IPA (10 g carbs, 4.7% ABV, 150 calories).

7. Amstel Light Pale Ale

Amstel Light Pale Ale is loved for its smooth and easy-drinking character. With a subtle malt sweetness and a crisp finish, this Dutch-style light ale is a popular option for those seeking a flavorful yet lighter beer.

  • Carbohydrates (per 12oz): 5 g;
  • Alcohol Content: 3.5% ABV;
  • Calorie Content (per 12oz): 95 calories.

8. New Belgium Dayblazer Easygoing Ale

This is a light and sessionable ale crafted for those seeking a flavorful yet approachable beer. With its bright hop aromas and crisp, clean finish, this easygoing ale is the perfect companion for any occasion, whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a leisurely day at the beach.

  • Carbohydrates (per 12oz): 10 g;
  • Alcohol Content: 4.0% ABV;
  • Calorie Content (per 12oz): 135 calories.

9. Guinness Draught

Guinness Draught is an iconic Irish stout loved for its rich, velvety texture and complex flavor profile. With notes of roasted barley and hints of coffee and chocolate, this beer delivers a satisfying drinking experience. It also contains lower carb and calorie content for a stout and can be enjoyed in moderation by those managing diabetes.

  • Carbohydrates (per 12oz): 10 g;
  • Alcohol Content: 4.2% ABV;
  • Calorie Content (per 12oz): 125 calories.

10. Blue Moon Light Citrus Wheat

A delightful variation of the classic Blue Moon Belgian White, this one offers a refreshing twist with its citrusy flavor profile. It offers a perfect harmony of citrus zest and wheat malt, ideal for those seeking a lighter yet flavorful beer option.

  • Carbohydrates (per 12oz): 9 g;
  • Alcohol Content: 4.0% ABV;
  • Calorie Content (per 12oz): 95 calories.

Apart from these, a lot of brands have also been rolling out non-alcoholic and low-alcohol options, which have low carb and calorie content, with a 0.0-0.5% ABV. Here are some non-alcoholic and low-alcohol options: Heineken 0.0 (15 g, 0.0% ABV, 70 calories); Coors Edge (8 g, <0.5% ABV, 41 calories); Beck’s Non-Alcoholic (10 g, 0.0% ABV, 45 calories), Budweiser Zero (11 g, 0.0% ABV, 50 calories), etc.

Read more about Non-alcoholic and Low-alcohol Beers.

With a wide variety of beer options available, people managing diabetes can still enjoy a cold one at ease. By choosing beers with lower carbohydrate and calorie content, like light lagers and session IPAs, you can indulge in your favorite brews while keeping your blood sugar levels in check.

Still, remember to drink responsibly and consult with a healthcare professional for personalized dietary guidance.


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